Why capitalist punks?

This may seem like a strange, even paradoxical, name, but I guess that depends a lot on how you interpret the word punk. If like me, you were quite involved in the punk rock scene, you would see punk as:

…an ethic, a way of life that involves questioning conventional norms, changing the world – and doing the right thing.

Capitalist Punk

So why capitalist? Well, I was driving to a punk rock show a few months ago in my then flash Mercedes, and I remember feeling embarrassed, I felt very un-punk rock. A sell-out. That pissed me off, you see I’d sold nothing out. I still wanted to change the world, I still question the norms, and I still wanted to do the right thing – I was just good at it.

It amazes me that in most sub-cultures failure = authenticity. This seems crazy to me as it in effect tells us that the system we believe in is fundamentally broken. My mission is simple, I want to create a business with all the punk ethics I mentioned above, and I want that business to rock. Every cent I make, proves that this way of thinking is a viable alternative. That’s why we’re capitalist punks.

So simply put, this is not just a blog, it’s a business philosophy…!

Rich Punk

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