Why Apple may have made a long-term mistake with the iPhone

This is not a post about the numerous inherent flaws that I have found in my iPhone ( I’m digging it nonetheless) but rather to do with Apple’s behavior and strategy surrounding this new product of theirs, and why they may well have opened the floodgates.

Apple 1984 advert parody

Unless you’ve been in hiding lately, you will have noticed the chaos around the recent hacking of the iPhone, and Apple’s response to this.

Take a step back from the actual battle for a second and consider this though.

There is a battle.

Between fanboys, and Apple.

Who would’ve thought it possible?

If I was Apple I’d be very stressed, because once the floodgates are open, other aspects of the business may (will) suffer, and all of this stems from one simple thing… greed. We’ve heard it before, short term gains, for long term losses.

I’ve said it for ages, I love my Mac, but I hate Apple, I’m really glad that the world is starting to see their true colours.

The irony of all this is that it’s blowing up on a week where arch-enemy Microsoft is receiving a ton of good press through their Halo 3 release.

Oh, that has to hurt…!

Update: Leo’s jumped in on this too:
Let’s say you’re selling me a cow. You tell me that that cow is being sold for the express purpose of making milk. I agree, and buy the cow.

Later I decide that I’d prefer to make cheese. You say that’s a violation of our agreement and kill my cow.

Rich Punk

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