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So I was reading in Time the other day (their iPhone page is awesome) about the pettiness of the debates going on in the running of the Dems:

Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama Presidential election 2008

At a time of foreign wars, economic collapse and environmental peril, the cringe-worthy first half of the debate focused on such crucial matters as Senator Obama’s comments about rural bitterness, his former pastor, an obscure sixties radical with whom he was allegedly “friendly,” and the burning constitutional question of why he doesn’t wear an American flag pin on his lapel — with a single detour into Senator Hillary Clinton’s yarn about sniper fire in Tuzla. Apparently, Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos ran out of time before they could ask Obama why he’s such a lousy bowler.

They mentioned a story that illustrates this fact perfectly. It’s an excerpt from Barak Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope (I’m listening to it now). It goes like this:

In his first tour through downstate Illinois, Obama had the audacity to order Dijon mustard on his cheeseburger at a TGI Friday’s. His political aide hastily informed the waitress that Obama didn’t want Dijon at all, and thrust a yellow bottle of ordinary-American heartland-values mustard at him instead. The perplexed waitress informed Obama that she had Dijon if he wanted. He smiled and said thanks. “As the waitress walked away, I leaned over and whispered that I didn’t think there were any photographers around,” Obama recalled.

Haha, that shit’s punk rock, I like this guy. The thing is, it’s ignorant to think that the small things don’t count, they do, especially in politics. Why? Because most people don’t understand the big issues, and are far too lazy to find out.

Either way, if he wins despite the ever-so-petty mistakes, it will restore a little of my faith in the American voting public.

Then again, they voted old Fucktard* in for a second term, so just about anything will be a step up…!

Rich Punk

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