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Pig Inseminator Wanted

I was chatting to a guy yesterday and he said to me, “I never mix business and pleasure”. I have just one thing to say to people with this attitude and that’s, “Well mate, then you’re almost certainly not in the right profession, ‘cos if you were, you’d realise that separating business and pleasure is physically impossible.”
I remember an an argument I once had with Andrea the wife (read: boss), it went like this:

Andrea: You’re home late again.
Me: Stop moaning, I wasn’t out with lads or having a laugh somewhere, I was working!
Andrea: That’s bullshit… YOU LOVE YOUR WORK!
<30 seconds of holding a stare, and silent deliberation>
Me: Sorry

She’s right, I get a real kick out of being at work, and that rocks. If ever you hear yourself saying “We work hard, but we play hard”, realise that it’s not a good thing, and look at how you can get more play in your day….!

Rich Punk

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